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Where is Kenya?

Kenya is a country in Eastern Africa with Somalia to the north east of it, Tanzania to the south, Ethiopia and Sudan to the north and Uganda to the west.

History of Kenya

Kenya is a developing country and poverty and poor quality of life are clearly evident throughout the country. It achieved independence from Britain in 1963 and, with the increase of tourism, the country is optimistic about a better future economically.

Kenya Visa Requirements

Kenya Travel Health

What is Kenya Local Currency?

What is Kenya’s Weather?

Culture of Kenya

Kenya has a colourful mix of cultures brought about from over 40 different tribes living in the country. These range from the Masai tribe living their semi-nomadic lifestyle on the southern border to African and Asian cultural blends evident on the Swahili coast carrying out oceangoing commerce that has been around for centuries.

The people of Kenya are unique having their own mix of traditions, ancient customs and modern attitudes. Interacting with them is an experience of its own. This is a land to be seen and explored for any keen traveller.

What Languages Are Spoken In Kenya?

Kenya has two official language, English and Swahili but in this country they have many region and their local languages. Those languages are Kikuyu language, Luhya language, Dholuo, Sheng.

Kenya Transport Options

Kenya Travel Tips

Kenya is a land of beauty with magnificent beaches, coral reefs, mountains and deserts.
For those who are safari enthusiasts there is striking wildlife on show in the many game parks such as Amboseli, the Masai Mara, Samburu and Tsavo. In fact one-tenth of the country is composed of national parks and reserves.
This country is a traveller’s dream with many stunning landscapes including the Kakamega’s rainforests, Mt Kenya National Park, the Masai Mara grasslands, the Jade Sea, the Rift Valley and Hell’s Gate National Park. There is also so much more on offer in this fascinating country – trekking, ballooning, snorkeling, bird watching and the bustling cafes and nightlife in Nairobi.

Kenya Local Food

Kenya kitchen has affected from two different culture, west of Kenya you can taste Portugal kitchen and in south of Kenya you can find Indian kitchen witch is bring from England.

Some sample of Kenian food are;

  • Uguali is kind of halvah wich is cooking with cornflouvur and water. It’s serviced with salad’s and Kenian people eat Uguali replace from bread.
  • Irio is fameous food in Kenya, cooking with green pea, patatos and corn.
  • Kenyan Pilau is kind of rice with cooking onion, meal and tomatos souce.
  • Chapati is from orginaly from India and it’s kind of waffle.

Kenya Local Timezones

Time Zone of Africa is eastern africa time (EAT), UTC+3
There is no daylight saving time as it is coordinated universal time (UTC) throughout the year.
The IANA time zone identifier for Kenya is Africa / Nairobi.

Kenya Dutyfree Limits


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