Pura Ulun-Danu Bratan Temple Travel Guide


Situated in the central northern portion of Bali, Pura Ulun-Danu Bratan is a renowned Hind-Buddhist temple built in 1633. It is located on the shore of a large volcanic crater lake amidst beautiful gardens making for a quite special setting. Ceremonies are still held in the temple which celebrates waters supplies to Balinese farmers and fittingly the temple is dedicated to Dewi Danu the water god.

The temple itself is quite stunning and is adorned with a meru styled multi leveled roof. The gardens are very well manicured and large in size with many paths weaving past the exotic garden beds. There is a restaurant on the grounds that serves both local Indonesian food and western dishes. The local villagers are more than happy to take tourist on a guided paddle around the lake where many more picturesque views of the temple and surrounding area can be seen.

This is a very peaceful and harmonious location that is well worth visiting if your traveling around the centre or northern part of Bali. Tour buses are available from most hotels to transport visitors to the temple otherwise cars with drivers can be booked for a reasonable fee easily.


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