Kuala Lumpur Bird Park Travel Guide


Nestled in the centre of Kuala Lumpur lies the worlds largest free flight, walk in bird Aviary. This gives visitors the opportunity to walk into what amounts to a 10 hectare bird cage containing around 5000 birds covering 200 species, all living in a lush natural rainforest. The bird park is popular with visitors and scientists alike where birds in their natural environment can be observed and studied living, breeding and behaving as they would in the wild. The bird park is located within the bounds of the Kuala Lumpur Gardens, minutes from centre of town.

With over 60 species of birds, this is a must see destination for bird lovers from all around the world. Some of the species that can be observed include Mandarin ducks, hawk eagles, hornbills, ostriches and much more. The Centre also includes an Egg Incubation facility where visitors can see how chicken eggs are hatched using incubators.

Next to the bird park is the National Mosque and the Islamic museum, both are significant attractions making this region of Kuala Lumpur a great place to explore for the day.

Take the opportunity to take photographs with the different species of birds, while joining in the daily bird shows and feeding programme.

The KL Bird Park Bird Show is the event highlight of the day and its happening at the sem-open air ampitheater at 12.30pm and 3.30pm daily.

Key Tips

Visitors will have an exciting experience of watching colourful and melodic birds perching and winging about freely while relaxing in a natural and beautifully landscaped surrounding. KL Bird Park is also reputed to be the largest walk-in free-flight aviary in the world


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