Bangkok Travel Guide


Sited at the apex of the Gulf of Thailand Bangkok is the thriving capital of the country. Home to around 10 million, the city is the cultural, and commercial hub of Thailand. It was founded in the late 1700’s by the first leader of the Chakri dynasty. It covers a large area and hums with energy both day and night.

Bangkok today is a modern and sophisticated city but one which reflects the traditions of the country around it. It offers visitors the modern amenities they would expect from a major capital, as well as a host of wonderful cultural attractions set amongst the frenetic activity of Thai life. Fine dining and world class hotels live comfortably amidst traditional street stalls and markets.

Part of the reason that Bangkok has so successfully combined the old and the new is that it was never colonised unlike many other Asian countries and has had the opportunity to keep it’s unique culture intact and has nurtured this culture right through to the modern age.

Bangkok is a city with plenty to see and do, there are over 400 amazing Buddhist temples alone. Ornate palaces and cultural dance performances are also in plentiful supply.Of course Bangkok is also well known as a mecca for shopping. One thing not to miss is a ride along the “Venice of the East” a network of canals that travel through the city and offer a new perspective on the metropolis.


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