Erawan National Park Travel Guide


Located near Kanchanaburi, about 130 kilometers west of Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, Erawan Falls is the centerpiece of the Erawan National Park. The falls are named after a three headed white elephant in Hindu Mythology known as the Erawan.

The falls are a series of interlinked pools joined by seven cascades that fall around 1500 metres through lush jungle. Visitors can walk through the jungle to reach each level of the falls, many of which are ideal for swimming. The cool blue waters offer a refreshing respite on warm days.

The Erawan National Park covers around 550 square kilometers. The natural forest setting includes dense bamboo groves and an abundance of birdlife. Nearby there are caves to explore and the national park is also home to elephants and monkeys.

There are bunglaows available and camping is also permitted in designated areas in the park.


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