Gibbon Rehabilitation Project Travel Guide


Located in one of the few remaining tracts of rainforest on Phuket, near to Bang Pae Waterfall on the north of Phuket Island is a centre known as the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project. The centre is quite small and is staffed entirely by volunteers, may of them foreign. The centre is dedicated to rehabiitating Gibbons that have been rescued from being used as “tourist attractions” and often have been mistreated.

The centre aims to perfect methods to re-introduce the gibbons back into a natural hbitat and re-populate the last remaining rainforest in Phuket with the apes. The centre is also actively involved in education about the Gibbons and provides study and research opportunities to learn more abou the species.

The enclosures simulate the natural environment and visitors can observe the Gibbons, although from a distance to help rehabilitate the apes. The wonderful Gibbon singing is one of the main things many enjoy about the experience.


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