Hellfire Pass Travel Guide


Hellfire pass is situated in central western Thailand. This railway cutting is part of the death railway and was built by Australian, Dutch, British and other allied prisoners of war plus many labourers from Malaysia during the Second World War.

The Hellfire pass was constructed under brutal conditions with workers being forced to break through rock 18 hours a day, often under candle light. While accurate records were never kept it is believed that at least 69 workers were beaten to death and many more perished from disease during the six week construction period. The pass is around half a kilometre long and 26 metres deep. The prisoners also made a 4 kilometre long path to reach the site. It is easy for visitors to get an idea of the difficulties of the project using simple tools to remove solid rock.

The railway was never used after the war and is now a sombre reminder of atrocities past and the power of the human spirit. A modern museum and interactive display has been constructed to highlight the difficulties and achievements of the men that worked on the cutting and makes the journey to this location a powerful, emotional and worthwhile experience.


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