Hua Hin Travel Guide


Hua Hin lies almost 300 kilometres to the south of the Bangkok, it is the original beach resort of the Thailand having been first established as a resort town for the countries elite during the time of King Rama VI. It is still a popular destination today with clear blue waters, beautiful white sand beaches and a peaceful atmosphere. The Royal Family still resides in the palace built by King Rama VII for part of the year even today.

Hua Hin, literally meaning stone head in Thai, was originally known as Ban Samoe Rieng, or Ban Laem Hin (Stony Point Village). The town was included as part of the route for the Southern Railway allowing access to the town and contributing to it’s rise as a holiday destination. Hua Hin’s first major hotel still stands today, a beautiful victorian style structure originally known as the railway hotel but today is the Sofitel Central.

Today, Hua Hin continues to enjoy it’s traditional status as a resort town of resort town of luxury and a sense of traditional Thai hospitality. The oldest resort town continues to provide relaxation and peaceful enjoyment to thousands of visitors every year. The historical and beautiful seaside setting sets it apart from other destinations and there is a sense of contentment that rubs off on those who are lucky enough to enjoy some time here.


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