Koh Chang Travel Guide


Koh Chang is Thailand’s second largest island after Phuket but a very different place in terms of development. About 330 kilometres east of Bangkok, it lacks an airport, which goes a long way to explain it’s relative lack of tourists and high rise. In fact, certain parts of Koh Chang can at times feel almost deserted. Getting there will usually involve a 4 road trip and another 40 minutes or so in a ferry.

A stunningly beautiful, almost classic ‘tropical paradise’, it is the largest of 52 islands in the recently created Koh Chang Marine National Park. Koh Chang and many of the other islands of the park have many hidden coves and palm fringed, sandy beaches. The water is warm, blue and clear, with exceptional visibility for diving the many coral reefs with their abundant marine life. Inland, there are virgin rain forests, waterfalls and high peaks for the adventurous to explore.

This is a big island and where you stay can make a big difference to your experience. The feeling and level of development, while never anything like that of Phuket, varies dramatically. There are dozens of hotels and resorts on the island covering a range of accommodation styles and budgets from basic bungalow to the quite luxurious. North White Sand Beach is the busiest beach on the island with lots of bars and restaurants and tailors, while others like Bailan and Bangbao are quieter and rather more basic.


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