Koh Samui Travel Guide


Koh Samui is the third largest island in Thailand covering 247 Square kilometers. It is located on the eastern side of the Thai peninsula.

Ko Samui was thought to have been first founded around 1500 years ago by Malayan fisherman however until 30 years ago it was still a self contained and fairly isolated community without even any roads. By having an abundance of beautiful beaches and great weather all year round it was pretty much inevitable that sooner or later the twentieth century would catch up with Ko Samui.

Today it is a thriving tourist destination and is one Thailands most renowned . There is good range of activities for tourists to enjoy from lazing on the beach to snorkelling on the reefs and exploring the mountainous jungle interior. The soft sand beaches are shaded by tall palms and are ideal for lazing away the days. Some of the best beaches include Hat Chaweng, Hat Maenam, Hat Bophut and Hat Bang Rak as well as some more isolated on the south and west coasts. Anyone visiting the beautiful island should not miss the stunning islands of the Mu Ko Angthong National Marine park.

A single road loops around the island is a highlight in itself, it snakes past cute seaside villages, alongside stunning stretches of sand and past the islands most impressive waterfall on it’s 50 kilometre journey.

If action is on the menu there is diving, snorkelling, off road driving and other adventures to be had. Nightlife is also in abundant supply. Shopping near to Hat Chaweng is also popular where visitors can buy cheap beachwear, souvenirs, reproduction artworks or even get measured up for a suit.

Ko Samui has enough to keep even the most jaded traveller happy for at least a week.


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