Nassau Paradise Island Travel Guide


Nassau, capital city of The Bahamas, lies on New Providence Island, the neighbour of Paradise Island. This island pair maintains a distinct blend of international 21st century glamour, old-world charm and tropical ease, giving holidaymakers the freedom to do everything or simply relax and do nothing at all.

Venture into the historic heart of Nassau, and you’ll discover this thriving commercial centre retains pretty much all of its colonial heritage and appeal. You can admire the Georgian architecture and quaint, pastel-coloured wooden shops and offices scattered along lively Bay Street; hire a horse-drawn surrey and take a leisurely tour of old Nassau while your driver regales you with the local folklore; visit the numerous ancient sites and forts and the hand-carved Queen’s Staircase.

If you want to step back through the centuries, wander along to the Pompey Museum and take a good, long look at the display of artefacts, documents and drawings. You won’t want to miss the contemporary Bahamian art galleries and the cultural Junkanoo museum, too.


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