St Georges Town Travel Guide


On the eastern end of the island in St. George’s parish, the Town of St. George’s is the first and oldest town in Bermuda. It served as the island’s first capitol until 1815 when Hamilton took over. The oldest English-speaking colonial town still in existence, St. George’s became a World Heritage site in 2000.

It’s known for its historic town square, harbour and quaint narrow streets (with equally quaint names such as Needle and Thread Alley, Old Maid’s Lane and Petticoat Alley). The replica stocks and pillory in the square recall public punishments for thieves and the ducking stool for gossips. It all evokes a history when churches and houses were made from hand-quarried stone and boats were crafted out of Bermuda cedar. Today, you can visit the historic houses to relive the colonial lifestyle.


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