Guatemala Travel Guide


Guatemala is a captivating country, offering visitors an amazing feast of art, culture, stunning scenery, ancient Maya ruins, colonial cities and exquisite handicrafts. With its spectacular volcanic peaks, lush rainforests, and beautiful lakes, it is a nature lover’s paradise. For those who are fascinated by the Maya, Guatemala offers archeological sites and remote, highland villages that are home to communities that have maintained pre-Hispanic beliefs and are adorned in exquisitely coloured traditional weavings.

Travellers should not miss Antigua, the country’s former capital city, which is nestled amongst the majestic splendor of three volcanoes that are great for climbing and hiking. It is a beautiful city with cobblestone streets, fountains, tropical gardens, restaurants and squares. Popular with tourists all year-round, it becomes particularly busy during Easter with its lavish processions of religious icons, carried over streets layered with flowers and coloured sawdust.

Guatemala Flag

A visit to Guatemala is not complete without seeing the magnificent Mayan ruins in Tikal that extend across a vast area of approximately 16 square kilometers. Visitors are recommended to stay for two days in order to see all of the archeological structures and sites. There is accommodation available in the park and guided tours are conducted twice a day, at sunrise and in the evening. In addition to the archeological ruins, the site is located in the middle of the national park, a spectacular home for rare forest, tropical vegetation and exotic wildlife.

If coffee is your passion, a visit to Cobán, the capital of Alta Verapaz, will give you the chance to sample some of the finest coffee in the country. The colonial architecture, silver handicrafts and colourful handwoven clothes are also evidenced throughout this region.

Regardless of where you travel in Guatemala, you are bound to be delighted by the natural beauty and rich, mysterious history of this unique land.


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