Honduras Travel Guide


Honduras, formerly Spanish Honduras, is a democratic republic located in the heart of the Cenral American peninsula, sharing borders with El Salvador and Nicaruaga to the south and Guatemala to the west. Geographically, Honduras has a mountainous interior with narrow coastal plains on both the Pacific and Caribbean Oceans.

Honduras Flag

Honduras offers visitors a range of attractions from Mayan ruins and Spanish Colonial architecture to stunning white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. In addition, its rain-forests and mountain trails draw eco-tourists and trekkers from around the world.

Honduras has been home to Amerindian tribes for several millennia and was home to a number of Mayan cities in the years before Columbus arrived. The Spanish made Honduras a part of their vast empire and ruled for around 300 years. Honduras was an important gold and silver producing location for the Spaniards. It achieved independence in the early 19th century along with many other Latin American nations.

The early eighties brought a restoration of democracy to Honduras after a period of war and military rule, and the country had been relatively stable politically until the 2009 Constitutional Crisis, during which president Manuel Zelaya was deposed.


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