St Maarten and St Martin Travel Guide


In the heart of the West Indies, 220 km north of Guadeloupe, St. Martin is an undiluted dream in the archipelago between the Caribbean Sea to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. Ideal for a break in which you can enjoy the heat of the sun that shines all year round. Famed for its regattas, it is an essential meeting point for lovers of sailing: the Heineken Regatta, the classic of the Caribbean, is bound to give you the urge to weigh anchor.

St Maarten Flag

Once in the open sea, you will feel the call of the sea depths, with over thirty diving sites, a protected marine reserve where whales and dolphins come to breed. St. Martin is the ideal location to learn under- sea exploration.

On land, the best way to venture into the heart of nature is to take the paths that run along the ridges or the coastal path. This way you can discover the plant-life and landscapes of the island at your own pace.

St. Martin is a cultural stopover where you will be able to see both the vestiges of the Amerindian civilisation and an amazing butterfly farm! St. Martin is also known as the “island of painters”, since its colours, a subtle palette of green, blue, turquoise and gold, have from time immemorial been an inexhaustible source of inspi- ration for the artists who exhibit in the island’s many galleries.


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