Bollington Travel Guide


The small town of Bollington is located approximately three miles north of Macclesfield, 18 miles south east of Manchester, in North East Cheshire. It nestles in the western most foothills of the Pennine range of hills above the Cheshire plain, adjacent to the Peak District National Park.

It is a town born ofrural origins, with the industrialisation of the area beginning in the mid 18th century and rapidly developing in the 19th, when several large cotton mills were built, coal mines were opened and stone quarried. The opening of theMacclesfieldCanalin 1831 provided important industrial development incentive as did the railway that followed in the 1860s.

The town provides an easy base for those interested in walking the hills, walking or boating the canal or walking or riding (bikes and horses) the converted railway track, now known as the Middlewood Way.

Bollington is overlooked by White Nancy, a 15ft-high landmark standing on the top of Kerridge Hill, which is visible for miles around.

White Nancy was actually built as a summer house by the Gaskell family, who lived at Ingersley Hall, in about 1815. It is stone built and is regularly painted white in order to maintain its visibility. It is thought that it may have been built at that time to commemorate the battle of Waterloo.


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