Boscastle Travel Guide


A most fascinating coastal village, the small harbour now hosts a number of little fishing boats but once was a hive of activity with trade taking place between Wales, Bristol and the south of England. There is a lovely valley which heads inland, a path following a fast flowing burbling stream which leads to several hidden churches allowing you to discover the secret connection between North Cornwall and Thomas Hardy.

The village is steeped in history and has many picturesque cottages, especially in the old village which is nestled away behind the hustle and bustle of the harbour area. The village has many little shops as well as a good selection of cafes / restaurants and pubs. The National Trust owns the harbour area as well as a large amount of land on either side. The Trust also owns a large part of the Valency Valley and some of the adjoining farm land. Within the harbour area you will also find the Museum of Witchcraft. There are regular fishing trips out of the harbour from March to October. Situated within the car park you will find the visitor centre which provides a wealth of local information about the village as well as many coastal and inland walks.


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