Hyde Park Travel Guide


Come to Speakers’ Corner on a Sunday morning, where you could take the opportunity to stand up on a soap box and hold forth to the crowd or just listen to some of the other orators.

Kensington Gardens lies to the west of the Serpentine and comprises several attractions. There’s the Round Pond, a favourite place for launching model boats; the Albert Memorial, one of the great sculptural achievements of the Victorian era and the statue of Peter Pan, playing his pipe to the children who gather below. It also contains the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground, a charming and innovative children’s playground. At the entrance is the intriguing Elfin Oak, an ancient oak carved with animals, elves and fairies.

Inside Kensington Palace the Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection can be visited and, in the Orangery to the rear of the palace, a fabulous afternoon tea of cucumber sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and great old-fashioned cakes is served.


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