Aldeburgh Travel Guide


Aldeburgh is a charming, traditional seaside town. It is unspoilt and harks back to an earlier age. There is a traditional boating lake for model yachts, local museum, and historic 16th-century moot hall. The town is attractive, and has many independent shops. The fishermen still draw their boats up on to the shore and sell fish from the beach.

Aldeburgh was one of the leading ports on the East Coast and its shipbuilding was renowned. Sir Francis Drake’s ships “Pelican” and “Greyhound” were built locally and Aldeburgh men sailed with Drake on these vessels, but the industry declined as the river Alde silted up.

Aldeburgh is internationally famous for its association with the festival begun by Benjamin Britten. The festival is in June each year and has many events in and around Aldeburgh.

There is a good range of accommodation available from good quality bed and breakfast establishments to three star hotels. There is also a wide range of restaurants from cosy cafes to starred restaurants.

The tourist information centre is open all year, and has a good range of information, maps, gifts, and is able to book accommodation in advance and when you arrive.


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