River Thames Travel Guide


There may be longer and more spectacular rivers, but few have witnessed such a wealth of history as the River Thames. Flowing through the heart of London, the Thames affords spectacular views of the present and an insight into the past.

The Thames is 215 miles long, it’s tidal and rises over 20 feet daily; you can walk for over 100 miles on the Thames Path along its banks. London Bridge is the oldest crossing, while in the east, the Thames Flood Barrier prevents London from being flooded.

London’s Docklands was once the busiest port in the world, filled with wharves and warehouses – now converted to hotels, museums and apartments. One of the most imposing riverside sights is the 11th-centuryTower of London and its spectacular neighbour, Tower Bridge (1894). Historic riverside pubs and 21st-century attractions, such as the revolving London Eye, lie along the South Bank while upstream thecharming residential villages, including Richmond and Chiswick, have been there for 400 years.

When summer arrives, the river really comes alive. Glass-topped sightseeing vessels float past theatres and concert halls down to Greenwich, while brightly-lit disco cruises wait to sail you along Westminster and out into the London night.


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