Carcassonne Travel Guide


Carcassonne has twice been included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List – once in 1996 for the Canal du Midi and again in 1997 for the mediaeval town.

The town’s 2,000-year-old history is marked by conquests, the rise of Catharism and the Crusades. You can find out about all of these aspects of Carcassonne during your visit.

Bastide St-Louis is situated on the left bank of the River Aude. The “Bastide” was commissioned by St. Louis in 1260 and built to a checkerboard layout. Even today, the streets in this area cut across each other at right angles and this area, lying within the town walls, boasts an outstanding variety of architectural styles. 

In the town, the marina on the Canal du Midi, included in its own right in the World Heritage list, welcomes a large number of leisure craft. Designed by Pierre Paul Riquet and built in 1667, the Canal and the banks of the River Aude give Carcassonne outstanding leisure amenities and are an ideal place for a stroll.

To enjoy the peace, sunshine and water, head for Lake Cavayère only a few minutes from the walled town. It has beaches and a wide range of visitor amenities. 


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