Galleria Lafayette Travel Guide


Situated on the Boulevard Haussman near the centre of Paris the Galleries Lafayette is a 10 story department store. Originally opened at the site of a small haberdashery store, the store has grown to become one of the best known stores in Paris. 

The store is synonymous with fashion and is home to many of the best known global labels. It also offers a dizzying array of cosmetics, china, decorator and household items and food products – enough to keep the most ardent shopaholic busy for many hours. 

However, visiting the store is not just about the amazing array of high fashions and home decorator delights, the store has become an attraction in it’s own right. An enormous and beautiful glass dome spans the main atrium and has been classified as a historical monument. The views from the terrace offer views of the city and Sacre Coeur sitting on Montmatre Hill.


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