Istanbul Travel Guide


Istanbul has unique geographical location. It’s land homeowner two continent, asia and europe connected by three bosphorus bridges.

Istanbul not only connecting two geographical continent it also a sentez of east and west cultures.

Many releogion many langugaes and many culture live in Istanbul peacufully.

Istanbul effected The Byzantine Empire and Ottoman Empire. It was capital city of bouth of splendid Empires.

At one stage settled by the Ancient Greeks, Istanbul was later the capital of the Eastern Roman (or Byzantine) and Ottoman Empires before Turkey became a secular republic in the early twentieth century. While no longer the country’s capital, Istanbul has seen constant growth over the years, and maintains its reputation as one of Turkey’s most powerful cities.

Out on the streets the mentality and atmosphere is that of a city placed at an immense cultural crossroads. Barely describable, this phenomenal meeting of traditions and styles is best denoted by the breadth of leisure, dining, and cultural attractions throughout the city. There are Ottoman bathhouses (definitely an essential part of the Istanbul experience); gigantic bazaars selling jewellery, spices, and other goods; ultra-modern shopping malls; Islamic and European museums; mosques, churches, and synagogues; nightclubs; coffee houses; and so much more. Millennia at the heart of the east-west cultural exchange have rendered Istanbul truly unique.

Many of the city’s main tourist attractions are on the European side of the Bosporus Strait, with the centre of the old city, Sultanahmet, home to some of Turkey’s most-iconic structures including the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. Elsewhere on the European side are the city’s key financial and shopping districts, as well as numerous other historical sites and areas worth checking out. The Asian side is not nearly as well endowed, but definitely warrants a visit. Most of the action happens around the Kadiköy district, along the coastline, and atop Çamlica Hill (Istanbul’s highest point).

Nightlife in Istanbul is as wild as anywhere, and there are bars and clubs to suit all tastes. If you’re in the right area and visit the right venues, you’re in for a fantastic night out. But Istanbul is infamous for scams, and many tourists have found themselves paying through their noses for drinks. Be sure to do some research before you head out!

Istanbul is a one of a kind destination. The atmosphere is unparalleled, and the historical and cultural significance of the city is at the very core of its identity. If you’re out to experience a place like no other, Istanbul isn’t likely to disappoint.


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