Cairo Travel Guide


Egypt’s capital city, Cairo is a household name and boasts one of the worlds richest and most ancient histories. Located in northern Egypt on the Nile River the city has a population of sixteen million people and straddles the Middle East on one side and Africa on the other. Not much longer than a hundred years ago most of the roads leading to the city were not much better than sandy tracks and the dwellings were simple single storied structures, today the city has transformed itself beyond recognition and has become a thriving modern city.

Getting around Cairo is a fairly hectic experience but is not too difficult in general. Cairo has a modern metro system which is a very cheap and easy way to get around though it is limited by the destinations that it covers. There is a good network of buses and taxis that will get you around to the areas that the metro doesn’t cover though negotiating a taxi fare can be a little tricky due to inconsistent meters and language barriers.

Most travelers to Cairo make the journey so that they can see some of the ancient historical attractions of which the Pyramids of Giza are easily the most famous. The pyramids are the last of the seven ancient wonders of the world with the Great Pyramid of Cheops being the most impressive. Giza is also home to other amazing attractions including The Sphinx, the amazing Solar Baroque Museum and the Queens’ Pyaramids with its connected Nobles’ Tomb.

Within Cairo there are several landmark attractions that are well worth the time to visit. The 185 meter Cairo Tower provides amazing views of Cairo including the pyramids to the west whilst the Citadel is a historic castle built in 1163.


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