Dubai Travel Guide


Port of call for just about anyone visiting the United Arab Emirates, Dubai (City) is the skyscraper and shopping mall crazy metropolis that dominates the country’s second largest emirate –Dubai. 

On the northern coast facing out towards the Persian Gulf, the city is home to just under two million people and is a major economic hub in the Gulf region. With a reputation for elaborate, outrageous, and downright over-the-top construction projects, Dubai is the place to go if you’re out to witness just how much can be achieved when money is no object. Luxury hotels built on artificial islands, the world’s tallest structure, and a skiing complex built on the edge of a desert are just a few of the city’s better-known engineering exploits. And as though that weren’t enough, labyrinthine shopping malls and some of the world’s most ostentatious hotels can be found along nearly every street. So head on up Burj Khalifa to admire the city from the 124 story high (outdoor) observation deck, sleep in a room fit for royalty, or lose yourself in a shopping mall the size of a small town.

Needless to say, anyone looking to live it up and spend like there’s no tomorrow will be well at home in Dubai. But if you need a break from the endless high end restaurants and fancy boutiques, you can always jump in an SUV and go Dune Bashing (an extreme 4×4 ride across the nearby sand dunes), take a tour down Dubai Creek in a traditional abra, or duck into the Dubai Museum to discover the story behind the modern city.

If you like to polish off your days with a good meal, a refreshing cocktail, or a few beers, you certainly won’t be disappointed. With an enormous expatriate community and eclectic taste, the city is home to a diverse and thriving nightlife. True party-goers should note that alcohol is only served in businesses attached to hotels, but should rest assured the bar and club scene is going strong nonetheless.

Dubai is a city where you can expect the biggest, highest, and most-extravagant the world has to offer. For a cityscape like no other, unmatched shopping, and a taste of Emirates style luxury, it’s the place to be.


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