Kananaskis Country Travel Guide


Vast blue skies, jagged mountains on a distant horizon, snow peaks reflected in mirrored lakes, and fields and valleys carpeted in green – welcome to Kananaskis Country!

Convenient to both Banff in the northwest and Calgary to the east the Kananaskis is part of Alberta’s beautiful back country. Everywhere you look you’ll see the magnificent Rocky Mountains flanked with dense forests that give way to rolling meadows and grassland lower down. Swift mountain streams build into slowly flowing rivers and all around you’ll experience landscapes bursting with animal and plant life.

The list of summer activities is vast including mountain biking and hiking catering for all fitness levels, kayaking and canoeing on the many lakes and rivers, as well as exploring the countryside on horseback before retiring to your campsite or rustic ranch accommodation. In fact it was in Kananaskis Country that the movie Broke Back Mountain was filmed.

In the winter months the scenery transforms into that of a snow covered wonderland, with forests blanketed in white and ice-crusted lakes glistening and sparkling in the sunshine. Activities in winter include snowboarding, alpine and cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing, ice skating and even ice fishing. Crunching your way back through the powdery snow to a cabin or ranch with smoking chimney must surely be one of life’s most wonderful moments.

Come to Kananaskis Country to taste and experience Alberta’s true back country adventure!


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