British Columbia Travel Guide


Thinking of Canada brings to mind images of wild untamed mountains, emerald lakes with perfect reflections, ski resorts and wildlife. British Columbia is the perfect place to experience the essence of Canada.

Encompassing six regions in all, British Colombia encompasses almost a million square kilometres of the great northern landscape that is Canada. BC as it is known, lies on the west coast of the country between the Pacific Ocean and Alberta. The ocean does more than provide picture perfect scenery, it also keeps the weather mild when compared to other parts of the country.

British Columbia is full of spectacular outdoor wonders. Magnificent ski fields, hiking trails that wind among forested alpine slopes and modern cities, British Colombia can be enjoyed by nature lovers or cosmopolitan shoppers alike.

The northern wilderness of BC takes up half of the state. The dramatic landscapes and sheer spectacle of the region can be at all times of the year, and each season has it’s own attractions. Fishing, hiking, skiing and kayaking are just a few of the activities that bring travellers to the area. This is where world famus Whistler is and the equally impressive Blackcomb Mountain Ski resorts. It’s also in the north where the Grizzlies can be seen.

For those with something a little less energetic on the agenda, British Columbia is a fantastic touring destination, there are plenty of scenic drives around the state that wind through the magnificent scenery and through countless charming towns and small settlements.

One of the favourite in BC is the region known as the Vancouver Coast and the nearby Vancouver Island.

Vancouver city itself is a city of enthusiasm and energy. Although young, Vancouver is rich in culture thanks to it’s multicultural population which have given rise to diverse and interesting neighborhoods opulated by the nations of the world. Voted one of the most livable cities in the world Vancouver should be on everyones list when visiting Canada.

British Colombia is easy to get around and even easier to fall in love with. It’s got plenty on offer, is geared up for travellers and the people are welcoming and charming.


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