Winnipeg Travel Guide


Manitoba’s capital is a true prairie gem. There are enough attractions and experiences to please culture-seekers, families and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Get a sense of the province’s past and present at The Manitoba Museum in Winnipeg’s historic Exchange District or at the Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site of Canada. Find out more about Manitoba’s vibrant Francophone heritage by touring Gabrielle Roy House and the St. Boniface neighborhood. But don’t stop there – there are at least 35 other museums and historical sites to check out.

Take walking and river tours to learn about the province’s geography and culture. Make your way to the urban parks and green spaces for soul-soothing experiences, garden walks and birdwatching. Visit the Royal Canadian Mint, which produces coins for more than 60 countries

For some kids’ play, run amok at Assiniboine Park, steal home base at the CanWest Global Park or join the fun at the Manitoba Children’s Museum.


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