Grand Falls Travel Guide


You’ll be amazed by the beauty and natural wonder of the Grand Falls Gorge at any time of the year. To experience the magnitude of the gorge, tour it from a pontoon boat or hike the trails surrounding it. Bring your camera and capture the wondrous waterfalls and cliffs at this site, one of New Brunswick’s top attractions. Nestled on both sides of the gorge, the town of Grand Falls is an agri-industrial community, and the only town in Canada with its name in both official languages. The town was named because of its spectacular waterfall, and during the spring season, the falls offers an amazing sight when the spring thaw causes rising water levels in the St. John River, in turn increasing the volume of water tumbling over the cliffs of the gorge. You will be amazed at the tremendous power, intensity and roar of the water. Enjoy the charm and warm hospitality of the town and the surrounding region while visiting this splendid attraction.


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