Saint John Travel Guide


Canada’s first incorporated city, Saint John has a Loyalist history that goes back centuries. The delightful port architecture makes a perfect backdrop to stroll along Market Square to watch the cruise ships dock at the harbour and take in the fine restaurants and shops along the way. View the famous Reversing Rapids as the tides of the Bay of Fundy actually force the waters at the mouth of the St. John River to reverse its flow.

The city of Saint John, designated a Culture Capital of Canada for 2010, has planned a series of events to help celebrate and highlight the city’s art, culture and history in honour of its 225th birthday. The major events will be held from May to September, but look for other family activities available throughout the year.

So much to learn at the New Brunswick Museum that features the Great Hall of Whales and three floors of fascinating galleries. Don’t miss the Saint John City Market, the oldest in North America, with its rafters that resemble the inverted hull of a ship. Find the perfect blend of city life so close to the great outdoors at the Irving Nature Park with its 11 km (seven mi.) of trails. Then make a day of it at Rockwood Park and the Cherry Brook Zoo and Vanishing Kingdom Park for more fun and adventure.


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