Ottawa Travel Guide


Ottawa is the capital of Canada and is situated in Ontario on the border with Québec.

It has a smaller population than some of Canada’s larger cities but it still totals just over a million English and French speaking souls. There are historic and cultural exhibits and attractions, a beautiful natural setting which is the basis for year-round recreation and outdoor pursuits. The city has a distinctive and relaxed urban charm and the central district is perfect to explore on foot.

Walk around Ottawa for a while and you will be greeted by landmarks and historic sites around nearly every corner, one of the most important of the being Parliament Hill where Canada’s federal government sits. Parliament hill is also the setting for many of the cities chief celebrations including Canada Day on July 1 each year as well as the Changing of the Guard ceremony held daily and the Sound and Light Show which happens each night during summer. Visitors can tour Parliament for free and also head to the top of the Peace Tower for awesome 360º views of the capital.

Ottawa has a wealth of attractions and cultural displays allowing tourists to experience the best of Canada in one place. The National Gallery of Canada is in Ottawa and houses the national art collection as well as a number of special exhibits each year. The Canadian Museum of Civilization explores and celebrates the culture of Canada and the world. On the main floor is the Grand Hall which is home to an exhibition of six facades of Pacific coast Indian houses which are connected by a shoreline and boardwalk, and the largest collection of indoor totem poles in the world.


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