Quebec City Travel Guide


Many tourist-friendly destinations beckon to the imagination by appealing to one’s sense of wonder and discovery, but few are as innately captivating as Québec City. This fortified city on the bank of the St. Lawrence River offers a perfect balance between things to see and do.

Mother Nature has been generous to Québec City. The St. Lawrence River flows past Montréal, becoming narrow as it passes between the cliffs on which are perched Québec City and Lévis before continuing, broad and mighty, on its journey to the Altantic Ocean. The geographical diverse landscape enhances the region’s beauty.

Nestled in the heart of the St. Lawrence Valley, Québec City is divided into two distinct areas: Upper Town, which is perched on a promontory overlooking the river, and Lower Town, which lies on the riverbank where the city’s founders lived long ago.

A visit to Québec City is not complete without a little window shopping! Considering the number of boutiques and stores in the city, this enjoyable activity can be practised just about anywhere.

A charming cobblestone street called rue du Petit-Champlain, located at the foot of the cliff on which stands the Château Frontenac—one of the city’s best-known landmarks, is the oldest commercial street in North America. Here you will find exclusive fashions by regional designers, jewellery, decorative objects, Native handicrafts and much, much more. You can take a walk through yesteryear by visiting the numerous antique dealers along rue Saint-Paul, a bustling street located a short distance away in the same neighbourhood. The historical Old Port district comprises many art galleries showcasing the works of Québec artists and Inuit sculptors, as well boutiques specializing in leather clothing and furs.

Your tour of the city is incomplete until you have taken a stroll outside the fortified walls surrounding Old Québec. Walk along rue Saint-Jean in the picturesque Saint-Jean-Baptiste district and browse through the shops offering a wide selection of gift ideas and fine foods.


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