Toronto Travel Guide


Zoom up to the top of the world’s largest freestanding structure for a breathtaking view of Canada’s biggest and most cosmopolitan city. Globetrot through intriguing ethnic neighbourhoods in what the United Nations called the world’s most multicultural city.

Find almost any style of international cuisine in Toronto’s more than 5,000 restaurants where you can have a gastronomic adventure in a posh eatery or sip a cappuccino at a sidewalk cafe. Shop for everything from designer fashions to souvenir trinkets in chic boutiques and a huge glass emporium in the heart of downtown.

Rub elbows with the stars at the Toronto International Film Festival or get caught up in the roar of the Grand Prix of Toronto – just two of the numerous special events that draw the world to Toronto. Explore world-class museums housing one-of-a-kind sculpture collections to one devoted solely to shoes.

Step out for a night on the town to see first run theatre or cheer on the pros at major league baseball, hockey and basketball games. Hop a ferry from Toronto’s harbour for green islands just offshore. North America’s fifth largest city offers a stellar mix of culture, urban energy, natural green spaces and friendly people.


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