Angangueo Travel Guide


Located in the middle of Mexico, in the Michoacan region. around 30 kilometre or 20 miles from Zitácuaro, or about 200 kilometres from Mexico city, it is over 2500 metres above sea level and has a lovely mild climate and can be quite cold in winter. Angangueo itself is a tiny mountain side village but it’s main attraction is that it is close to sanctuaries where large populations of Monarch butterflies can be found at certain times of the year.

The Monarchs fly from the great lakes region in the US and Canada all the way to the Mexican highlands each year. During November to March they descend in their millions in and around the village of Angangueo, where they mate. The males die soon after mating and the females take flight again and head north to lay their eggs. It is one of the most fascinating mass migrations on the planet and it is still a mystery how and why the butterflies return to the same place each year, even though they are generations removed from the previous visitors.

The experience is often a highlight of travellers who take the time to enjoy this incredible and unique phenomenon.


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