Baja Peninsula Travel Guide


The Baja Peninsula is a long narrow peninsula in the north west of Mexico which stretches 1200 kilometres or 775 miles from just below the border with US California, down to the town of Cabo San Lucas. It separates the Pacific Ocean from the Guld of California (or Sea of Cortez).

It is a remarkable formation and one of the largest peninsulas in the world. It has vast desert areas, dormant volcanoes, rugged and isolated mountain ranges, lonely roads and a spectacular coastline. The south and central interiors of the Baja Peninsula have some extremely desolate and remote landscapes with large mountains and harsh plain lands with cactus dominated scenery reminiscent of the American Southwest. The west or Pacific Coast has some dramatic rocky shorelines and is well known for it’s great surfing locations, while the eastern shores onto the Sea of Cortez has sandy beaches favoured by those looking for beach relaxation. The coastlines are also great for whale watching, diving and snorkelling and there is even a cage for viewing the great white shark just off Guadalupe Island. Game fishing in the stunning blue waters is popular also with Marlin, sailfish, dorado and other species in good numbers. Eco-Tourism is growing to be a huge industry on the peninsula, the natural assets attracting visitors from around the world.

Overall the peninsula is sparsely populated, although there are a number of old mission towns as well as the major centres of Los Cabos, Tijuana, Ensenada, Cabo san lucas and La Paz. The Baja, as it is known, has a culture and feel distinct from the rest of Mexico and has a mixture of hispanic, latino and anglo cultural influences. It is a popular destination for holiday makers from the US, and towns like Tijuana attract many US students looking to drink and party.

The Baja Penisula is a very special place with a great deal on offer. Whether your thing is relaxing on an ideallic beach, kayaking clear waters alongside some of the oceans wonderful creatures, partying the night away, walking through desert canyons beneath an enormous blue sky or driving the spectacular roads along the coast, the Baja Peninsula will leave you wanting more.


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