Colima Travel Guide


Although not much is said about Colima’s appeals, the truth is that this small capital city nested between a beautiful natural landscape and an imposing volcano, watching over everything from its height, is one of the cities with the best lifestyle in the country. Here, education, health and work are not a problem, and this is something you can feel when walking the streets, which are peaceful and serene. There is also a general ambiance that invites you to rest and relax; something that can be combined with excursions to interesting places nearby, like the volcano itself or the archeological sites of La Campana and El Chanal.

The city of Colima stands out because it has rich and diverse handicrafts. Typical products here are red cedar furniture pieces decorated with oil painting; there are also couches made with calfskin, ceremonial masks, embroidery, copies of Pre-Hispanic ceramics, and basketry. It is a special opportunity to acquire unique pieces from one of the most prolific states for popular art. And it was probably all this creativity that also inspired Jorge Chávez Carrillo, the artist responsible for magnificent murals you can see in the Government Palace.


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