Creel Travel Guide


Creel is a small town of approximately 25,000 people located in the north west of Mexico high up in the Tarahuramas Sierra, nearby to Divisadero National Park and Copper Canyon. The town is mainly a timber town and is not very tourist focussed. It has become a lot more popular in the last 15 years or so as a great base to explore the mountains of the Tarahuramas Sierra.Creel is surrounded by pine forests and the pine oils contribute a pleasant alpine aroma to the town. It has something of a cross between and alpine village and a town from the wild west but there are some good options for accommodation about and the attraction is not so much the town itself but it’s handy location.

It’s high altitude of almost 2500 metres means that even in summer when the rest of Mexico is baking hot, it can be pleasant and cool. Be aware though, winters can be very cold indeed and walkers and those looking to explore should make sure they have warm clothing even in summer.

There are plenty of opportunities to head out on foot or mountain bike and check out some of the great rock formations around the town or visitnearby lakes, waterfalls or the Tarahumara caves and hot springs which are located within easy striking distance. There is the opportunity for camping at nearby Arareko, a lakeside community where boat hire is available for some fishing.

Most visitors arrive via the Chihuahua al Pacifico Railway which originates in Chihuahua, the main town in these parts.


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