El Fuerte Travel Guide


Picturesque El Fuerte is in the north west of Mexico not too far from the famous Copper Canyon and is on the route of the Chihuahua al Pacifico train. The town wasfounded by spanish explorer Francisco de Ibarra in 1564 and served as a centre for farming and commerce in the area for some three hundred years.

There is some lovely Spanish architecture in El Fuerte and visitors can stay in some of the most stately of the Spanish homes which have been converted to hotels. There are some nice cozy little ones in town as well and many visitors will make an overnight stop here before getting on the train in the morning.

The surrounding are of the town has some good opportunities to enjoy the beautiful El Fuerte lake and the El Fuerte River, where there is some good fishing to be had. Additionally the unusual dry tropical flora of the area is great for bird watching.


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