Guerrero Negro Travel Guide


Guerrero Negro is located right in the middle of the Baja Peninsula. Although not a major attraction in it’s own right, the town is a staging point for Laguna Ojo de Liebra (Scammon’s Lagoon) a major spot for watching the Californian Gray Whales, which frolic off the nearby coast. The whales can be seen from January through to March, the area is used by the whales for courtship, mating and also giving birth so it is a fantastic opportunity if visiting the Peninsula at these times.

The town of Guerrero Negro itself is a support centre for a large salt production facility located nearby. The worlds largest evaporation ponds for the production of salt produce three million tonnes of salt each year which is carted by truck to the coast, then on barges to an Island around 100 kilometres or 70 miles offshore before being loaded onto ocean going freighters for distribution to the rest of the world.


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