Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo Travel Guide


What was once a secret beach that even Aztec emperors visited became a tourist development during the eighties with large hotels, lush palm trees and cocktails around the pool. However, its sister city, Zihuatanejo, still has the lifestyle of people from the coast and there, you will find handicrafts, food and bars that attract both its inhabitants and travelers seeking to explore the “real” life of locals and have some fun like they do.

If world-class beaches, the nightlife, a sky full of stars and the most romantic sunsets in the hemisphere are not enough for the visitor, Ixtapa offers, in addition, a natural treasure to be discovered. There are swamps, whose native ecosystem showcases awesome crocodiles and exotic birds. Then there is Aztlán Park, which connects Ixtapa with Zihuatanejo, in an astounding ecological tour. And for an extreme experience, you can also participate in liberating young turtles to the sea, which happens between June and December.

Next to the city of Zihuatanejo, this heavenly resort was built to respond to the demands of vacationers. The location was ideal because of its long beach, which now competes with the equally long marina, crowded with sailboats and ships. All types of water sports are practiced, but the mandatory ones are deep-sea diving and snorkeling, to admire the intense underwater fauna, which can also be seen from above on a parachute or atop one of the excellent restaurants with a view of the sea.


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