Puerto Escondido Travel Guide


On the far southern Pacific coast of Mexico is one of the hidden gems of Mexico. Puerto Escondido, whose name means “Hidden” or “Secret” port, is essentially still a small seaside market and port town with a very authentic and laid back lifestyle. It was originally developed by the coffee growers in the hills of the area who recognised the potential of the hidden bays as a place from which their coffee could be shipped out.

It is well known to the surfing community because of the beautiful beach break on Zicatela Beach, known as the Mexican pipeline. Despite it’s growing popularity and the inevitable development that comes with it, the town has retained it’s essential character and offers visitors a rare combination of a glimpse of the real Mexico combined with some wonderful beaches, a smattering of good nightlife and some great places to stay.

As well as the surf beach, other bays and inlets offer the opportunity to snorkel or swim in calmer waters or to head offshore and swim with turtles, fish and dolphins, and sometimes the odd whale.

A little off the beaten path for most, this is one town you will be sure to enjoy and is well worth the effort.


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