San Agustinillo Travel Guide


San Agustinillo is a tiny but gorgeous little village on the far southern Pacific coast of Mexico. It is situated around 9 kilometres or siz miles from Puerto Angel, in between two other little villages of Zipolite and Mazunte, both of which are a little better known and are somewhat trendy/hippy hangouts.

The beach here is long and lonely and the waters perfect for swimming and a bit of body surfing, although you will need to be careful of the rocks as a few find out. Visitors can walk to the two other close by villages for a bit of an explore. There are cute little restaurants and hotels in the town and some places to hire a boogie board or surf board should the urge strike.

San Agustinillo is in an area that is well frequented by turtles and used for breeding. At one time a factory in the village used to kill man thousands of turtles each year for leather, meat and shells, but thankfully this practice was outlawed in the early nineties and the turtles are now protected.

Life doesn’t get much more relaxed or enjoyable than by spending a few days in San Agustinillo.


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