Rosarito Travel Guide


Rosarito lies just south of the Mexican border at the top of the Baja Peninsula on the Pacific. It was once a suburb of Tijuana but is now considered a town in it’s own right. It is a relavilely short drive from San Diego and there is no passport required to enter the Baja.

It is a popular spot, particulary with youth looking for a party and is often very busy, especially on spring break in the US and on weekends.

There are wide sandy beaches and plenty of opportunities for beach sports, swimming and watersports. The beaches are not overly attractive compared to many further south. There is a heap of bars, restaurants and hotels catering for the crowds. It is slightly less crazy than Tijuana and the beach is bigger and longer so consequently less crowded.

To the south of the town is a Fox Studios where Titanic was filmed and visitors can tour the set. Also close by is the town of Puerto Neuvo famed for it’s lobster meals.


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