Todos Santos Travel Guide


Todos Santos is a lovely Mexican town perched on the Baja Peninsula overlooking the Pacific Ocean. A one hour bus trip from La Pas takes travelers through scenic traditional southern Baja countryside and onto the town of Todas Santos. The area was first settled in the 1700’s and has kept its Mexican culture and architecture mostly intact in the face of recent tourism development.

The locals have a proud reputation for their hospitality and welcoming attitude with the town being a haven for sculptors, painters and authors. Their are many popular excellent surf beaches nearby however it maintain its peaceful dreamy atmosphere with an absence of cars, beach vendors and jet skis, making a trip to the beach a little like stepping back in time and relaxing with just the basics, a million miles from the hectic 21st century.

There is a good range of hotels and more simple accommodation available in Todos Santos along with many restaurants, bars, galleries and grocery stores. There are also a good range of guided walks from the town that let visitors to view sea lions, whales and other marine animals in the nearby natural habitat.


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