Tulum Travel Guide


Located on the Yucatan Peninsula Tulum is one of Mexicos earliest holiday destinations. Early in this case means it was used by the ancient Mayans as a place of worship and relaxation. These days Talum is an easy 2 hour or 130km (80mile) bus journey along the coast from Cancun and is popular with tourists that wish to see the remnants of ancient Mayan Mexico set amongst secluded beaches and picturesque coastline. Visitors should also be aware that Talum is separated into three distinct regions, the ruins, the beach and the township.

Tulum Ruinas, or the Tulum ruins are set back about a kilometer from the main road and is the principal reason for it being a popular tourist destination. The ruins are situated on cliff tops looking over the inviting azure seas of the Caribbean. With such spectacular views and a large stretch of pristine beach alongside it, it is no wonder that the ancient Mayans treasured this location as amongst the most special they had.

Tulum Playa is the name of the beach area and the surrounding wetland reserves. The long beaches are spectacular with white sands gently sloping into the clear Caribbean waters. Set amongst this natural oasis are several eco-resorts, restaurants and clubs. Visitors should note that the eco-resorts can be very ‘eco’ with electricity often being cut off at midnight and other amenities used sparingly.

Tulum Pueblo is the main town where the locals who work in the nearby resorts live. It has basic services that travelers need such as supermarkets, fresh food markets, banks and internet cafes. There is also a sprinkling of good restaurants and bars as well as hotels, hostels and inns.

The Tulum area is well worth the effort of traveling to, offering visitors a traditional Mexican experience combined with ancient Mayan mysteries and architecture that is bound to delight and provide memories for a lifetime.


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