La Boca Travel Guide


La Boca is a neighbourhood in Buenos Aires. It’s an old working class part of the city, originally populated largely by italian immigrants. It is very popular with tourists for it’s authentic feel, cheap prices, and local arts, crafts and great food. It’s particularly well known for the distinctive and brightly coloured houses as well as the lively atmosphere. One of the main attractions of La Boca is ‘Calle Caminito’, an outdoor museum or gallery where local artists display there works. It is a fascinating place to stroll around and grab a meal or drink in one of many local eateries or bars.

La Boca is also home to the La Boca junior soccer club, which was the one of the clubs which the great Diego Maradona played for. A soccer game at the La Bomonera stadium is a unique Argentinian experience! The passion of the soccer fans in Argentina is second to none.

Tourists should stick to the main street Caminito and the surrounding tourist areas as there is a high crime rate in other parts of the district.


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