Mendoza Travel Guide


Mendoza is both a city and a province in north western Argentina and is part of the Cuyo region.

In what should be a desert city, Mendoza seems to be awash with water and greenery. An ingenious system of irrigation channels run along the sides of the streets throughout the city and give life to the town. The wide leafy avenues lend a beautiful ambience to the place and this is enhanced by the multitude of open plaza’s with fountains flowing. The city folks are laid back and enjoy life, at night there is a happy hum of bars and restaurants that are filled with locals and visitors. It can get very hot in summer (especially January) but the dry air makes it tolerable, and the cool winters are also much more pleasant because of the lack of moisture.

If you think you have heard of it then it is most likely because of it’s international reputation for excellent wines. Mendoza is the centre of wine production in the area and exports all over the world.

The city is a stones throw from the Andes, so the surrounding area has magnificent scenery and there are plenty of things to do in the area. Wine tours are of course popular but there are horse riding tours that travel through the wild desert landscapes, allowing visitors to admire the towering mountains all around. It is quite close to the highest mountain outside of the Himalayas – Aconcagua. There are also ski resorts close by which attracts many in the somewhat short winter season.

Mendoza is the kind of place you just want to stay for a while, don’t make the mistake of only allowing one day!


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