Palermo Travel Guide


On the northern side of Buenos Aires, Palermo is a large residential district, with a reputation for urban chic and trendy restaurants and bars. It is one of the larger districts of the capital and has several sub sections, including Palermo Viejo, Palermo Alto and Palermo Chico as well as Palermos Park. Palermo Viejo also has some subsections including Palermo Hollywood where some of the best restaurants in the whole city can be found. Some of the neighborhoods in Palermo Chico are among the most exclusive in Buenos Aires and the home of the wealthy.

The wide tree lined streets of Palermo are filled with boutique shopping, bars and restaurants, it’s got a wonderful hip feel to it but with a splendour all it’s own. International branded shops sit comfortably alongside colonial apartment buildings and ramshackle coffee shops.

Visitors to the area can visit the Evita Museum which examines the life of Eva Peron. Also here is a famous mechanical sculpture of a flower which opens and shuts with the coming and going of daylight.


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