Salinas Grande Travel Guide


High up in the western climbs of Corboda in Argentina, the Salinas Grande is an astonishing site. Vast white salt flats extend for miles in every direction. The flats actually cover over 8000 square kilometres (or 3200 square miles).

It is an industrial area which is mined for both salt and potassium, but it is equally impressive as a highly unusual natural formation. The mining companies that own the land allow visitors and there is a road which leads to Chile that runs right through it.

The salt is about a foot deep or so, it is dug out in rectangles and the hole that is left fills up with water which then evaporates and leaves no trace of the previous pit within a few weeks.

The experience of walking on the flats is surreal. The air is thin at 12,000 feet and a cold biting wind is ever present to accompany the bright sunlight, which shines off the surface like a vast snow field. The only sounds are the whistle of the wind and the occasional tink of a grain of sand bouncing off your sunglasses.

There are a few places to grab a bite to eat and have a talk to the hardy locals who call this place home.


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