Santiago Travel Guide


The Chilean capital, Santiago is a huge city which lies in a spectacular setting among the mountains of western South America. It is home to around 7 million which live in it’s 32 comunas or districts.

Centrally located in Chile, Santiago is a great place to venture out exploring the nearby Andes and other places throughout the country. However be sure to leave enough time to discover the city itself as well. Although it is less well known as a tourist centre than Buenos Aires or Rio, it is a city full of culture, art, food and energy and a little patience and persistence will pay off.

The comunas that combine to make up the city each have their own character. The central districts of Centro and Las Condes house the significant commercial and finance operations of the city are are the least interesting. It is when you venture out to the other local areas that you will find many hidden gems. The city has many historical buildings, a thriving jazz scene and communities that retain the diversity and characteristics of the villages they once were.

Many of Chile’s best wines are made in the areas surrounding the city in the Maipo Valley, which is just an hours drive from the centre of town. Of course one of the main attractions is the Andes Mountains themselves and there are superb ski resorts within easy reach of Santiago. During the warmer months, the mountains have kilometres of trails for walking and of course it is a major destination for mountain climbing as well.


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